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PES Dino Editor 2018 v1.0 by Smeagol75

PES Dino Editor 2017 by Smeagol75

PES Dino Editor 2018 by Smeagol75

PES Dino Editor 2018 by Smeagol75 adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk mengedit database Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 ( dt10.cpk ). Boleh dibilang Dino Editor 2017 by Smeagol75 memiliki fungsi yang kurang lebih sama dengan PES Team Editor Manager by Lagun-2.

Fitur PES Dino Editor 2018 by Smeagol75 :



Thread : https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/77968/

Changelog 1.0 :

-Fixed, Language Problems
-Fixed Tactics don´t save if change Id
-Fixed Age 15 minimum
-Fixed Player Develop Import on Csv
-Added on extra Tab Convert Database button and unzlib different kind of systems Xbox, ps3 and pc.
-If have problems after edit or edit manually Just select Unzlib all files, and Zlib again on extra tab. that will fix the problems and could open again on dino. Or just change to 04 the first byte on zlibed pc files with hexeditor. :) 
Problems of multi system tool sorry.
-Fixed Glovelist and bootlist problems

Credits : Smeagol75, Starvin, Evo-Web


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