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PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 2018 Update v6.3 [CFW] Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Base Patch Season 2018/2019

Satu lagi patch untuk seri game Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 versi PlayStation 3. Kali ini dibuat oleh tim dari POTATO Patch. Potato Patch sendiri sudah cukup dikenal sebagai salah satu seri terbaik untuk game Pro Evolution Soccer PS3. Selain itu PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Base Patch Season 2018/2019 juga sudah memiliki beberapa fitur yang cukup dan bisa digunakan untuk BLES / BLUS.

Fitur PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch Season 2018/2019 :

- Fix nama dan logo kompetisi.
- Fix Nama, Logo dan Kits untuk Premier League, Serie A, Serie B, LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, Liga NOS dan Skybet Championship.
- Update SuperLiga Argentina dengan Licensed Kits.
- Update Liga Brasilerao
- Sudah ditambahkan Bayern Munchen berikut logo, player ( belum full ), real kits, miniface ( belum full ) dan formasi asli
- Sudah ditambahkan Diego Maradona & Usain Bolt sebagai Free Agent sehingga bisa dipakai di ML dan BAL.
- Sudah ditambahkan ballpack by CRONOS.
- Sudah termasuk 40 Stadium dengan Adboards & Pitch HD.
- Sudah ditambahkan tim nasional Indonesia.
- Sudah ditambahkan glovepack & bootpack musim 2017/2018.
- Sudah ditambahkan Refreee Kitpack v3 by Cronos.

Fitur v6.3 

• Improvements in Adidas Telstar WC 2018 ball
• Added ball "Adidas Telstar Metcha WC 2018" (Replaces the ball "Adidas Copa America Chile 2015"
• New Logos for Bologna and Toulouse
• New Logos for Seria A and Serie B
• Added new pair of boots "Adidas Predator 18+ Telstar Limited Edition"
• New Kits:
- Manchester Utd (Gk)
- Chelsea (Home & 3rd)
- Olympique Marseille (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Internazionale (Away & 3rd)
- Juventus (3rd)
- Leicester (Gk, Home & Away)
- Wolverhampton (Gk, Home & Away)
- Cardiff City (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)

Fitur v6.2 

New logos for national teams (Style Russia 2018)
Real numbers for the national teams of Denmark and Chile
Correct positions for the front numbers of the France and Brazil teams
New real faces for O. Onazi (Selection of Nigeria) and C. Ünder (Rome and Selection of Turkey)
Corrected Blue Cross Kits
New Logos for Losc Lille and Nimes Olympique
New Logo for Copa Continental Do Brasil 2018
Corrections in numbers of the selections of Portugal, Wales, Holland, Peru and Argentina
Kits Season 18/19:
- Wolverhampton Wanderers (GK, Home & Away)
- Hoffenheim (Home)
- America (GK, Home & Away)
- Chivas Guadalajara (Away)
- Stuttgart (Home & Away)
- Derby Couny (Gk & Home)
- Huddersfield (Gk & Home)
- Hull City (Gk & Home)

Fitur v6.1 

• 14 pairs of new boots Nike-Puma-Adidas (Russia 2018)
• Some transfers applied
• Summoned to the national team with latest moves and new summoned Russia 2018
• Kits of national teams updated with the new captain bracelet "Fair Play" RUsia 2018

Season 2018/19 Kits

• Manchester Utd (Gk & Away)
• West Ham (Gk, Home & Away)
• Real Madrid (3rd, Kits with Badge of European Champions 2017)
• Valencia (Gk)
• Olympique de Marseille (Gk & 3rd)
• Ajax (Gk)
• PSV (Gk)
• Internazionale (Gk & 3rd)
• Rome (Gk, updated source)
• Manchester City (Gk)
• Olympique de Lyon (Gk)
• Leicester (Gk & Away)
• Stade de Rennes (Gk, Home & Away)
• Athletic Bilbao (Gk)
• Ipswich Town (Gk, Home & Away)
• Valencia (Home)
• PSG (Away & 3rd)
• Juventus (Away)
• Rome (Gk, Away & 3rd)
• Benfica (Home & Away)
• Porto (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)

Fitur v6

• Improved the face of Paolo Guerrero
• Added miniface from DLC 4.0
• Updated selections with summoned to Russia 2018
• Updated Brasileirao (Thanks to Martin Vigo and Marcos André Moreira)
• Chilean League updated
• Ascended and Descended updated in Ligue 1, Serie A, LaLiga, Premier League
• Savedata updated with some transfers
• Updated Kits Season 18/19

• National Teams :

- Indonesia (Home, Away & GK)
- Denmark (Home, Away & GK)
- New Zealand (Home & Away)
- Morocco (Home, Away & GK)
- Iran (Home, Away & GK)
- Costa Rica (Correct sources)

• Clubs:

- Juventus (Home Best Quality & Away)
- Rome (Home)
- River Plate (Gk)
- Boca Juniors (Gk)
- Racing Club (Gk, Real Source)
- LP Students (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Gymnastics LP (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Newell's (Gk, Home & Away)
- Rosario Central (Gk)
- Velez Sarsfield (Gk & Away)
- Hurricane (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Colón (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Godoy Cruz (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Tiger (Gk, Home & Away)
- Lanús (Gk, Home & Away)
- Banfield (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Argentinos Jrs. (Gk, Home & Away)
- Belgrano (Home & Away)
- Union of Santa Fe (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Atletico Tucuman (Gk, Home & Away)
- Manchester Utd (3rd)
- Arsenal (Gk & Away)
- Chelsea (Gk & Away)
- Newcastle (Gk, Home & Away)
- Real Madrid (Gk, Away & Right Sources)
- PSG (Gk & Home)
- Internazionale (Gk & Home)
- Juventus (Gk, Away & 4th Fantasy)
- Milan (Gk, Home, Away & 3rd)
- Borussia Dortmund (Gk & Away)
- Manchester City (Home & Away)
- Chapecoense (Home)
- Vasco Da Gama (Gk, Home & Away)
- Tottenham (3rd)
- Valencia (Gk & Away)
- Atheltic De Bilbao (Home)
- Barcelona (Improved in quality and added kit Away)
- Atletico Madrid (Gk, Home & Away)
- Inter (4TH Fantasy Kit)
- Leicester City (Home)
- Bayern Munich (Gk)
- Olimpique Lyonnais (Home & Away)
- Manchester Utd (4th European Champion 1968)
- Crystal Palace (Gk, Home & Away)
- Flamengo (Away)

Fitur v5

Compatible Datapack 4.0
Deleted Kitpack Nike 18-19 (Some bugs) when they come out in good quality we will add them.
Fantasy Kits for Atlanta Utd (to cover the gaps)
Adidas Teslar WC Russia 2018 (Improved)
Kitpack Brasileirao 2018-19 (Flamengo - Gremio - Cruzeiro - Vasco da Gama - Santos - Chapecoense - Botafogo - Atl Mineiro - Palmeiras - Ceara - Corinthians - Parana) By LucasRK & RodriPortell4
Kitpack MLS 2018-19 (Atlanta - Toronto - Galaxy - Orlando)

Kits Season 18/19 (Clubs)
- Racing Club (Home & Away)
- Liverpool (GK, Home & Away)
- Everton (Home)
- Borussia Dortmund (Home)
- VFB Stuttgart (Home)
- Bayern Munich (Home)
- Real Madrid (Home)
- Manchester Utd (Home & 3rd)
- FC Barcelona (Home)
- Manchester City "Citizen Special Champions" (3rd)
- Arsenal (GK & Home)
- Newcastle (Home)
- Tottenham (Home & Away)
- Chelsea (Home)
- PSV (Home)
- Olympique Marseille (Home)
- Ajax (Home)
- Bayer Leverkusen (Away)

Kits Season 18/19 (Selections)
- Selection of Morocco Russia 2018 (Kitpack)
- Selection of Tunisia Russia 2018 (Kitpack)
- Selection of Peru (3rd)
- Selection of China (Kitpack)
- Selection of Northern Ireland (Away)
- Thai Selection (Home & Away)
- Selection of Oman (Home & Away)
- Iraq Selection (Home & Away)
- Selection of South Africa (Home & Away)
- Selection of Kuwait (Home & Away)
- Selection of Norway Russia 2018 (Home & Away)
- Selection of Chile (GK, Home & Away)

Added Kitazawa, Bebeto and Ahn Jung-hwan to "Rest Of World Classics"
Improved the faces of: P. Scholes, Cafu and P. Vieira
Minifaces for MLS teams
New logo for the selection of Thailand
Savedata updated regarding Transfers and Summoned to selection (Thanks to Martin Vigo)
Assigned stadium Konami for localia of Real Madrid (In Liga master it failed but in friendly not)
Coaches assigned with photo for all teams (Thanks to King Arthur)

Fitur v2

Compatible with datapack 2.0
Replaced the stadiums that gave failures and additions "El Cilindro" and "Unico De La Plata"
Corrected grass of Da Luz Stadium.
Correction of Manchester UTD in Champions that sent them to the xmb.
Removed BeinsportsHD Repeat Logo
Removed the music and put the Konami original.
Eliminated glovepack and put the original Konami. Two models replaced by the pack. Nike's Fire & Ice
Corrected Kit of the GK Manchester City.
Fixed and fixed Barcelona kits in Champions.
Fixed Faces of Bayern Munich. Added faces for Fruchtl (Bayern Munich) and Malli (Wolfsburg)
Bundesliga: Real templates, kits, logos and minifolds full 100%.
Other Europeans: Licensed 8 Real teams with kits, logos and templates.
Other Latin American: Licensed 23 Real teams with kits, logos and real templates.
National Teams: WC Kits Russia 2018 for most of the national teams (Colombia, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, etc.), updated the ones called according to their last match.
Added Tissera09 Bootpack with the latest Nike Fire & Ice and New Balance BluePack designs.
Added 6 new balls: Serie A, Premier League, LaLiga, Brasileirão, UEFA Super Cup and WC Russia 2018.
Adboards pack Libertadores 2017.
Classic teams: Kits, Logos, Stats and Players with real faces.
Seria A Brasileirão: Updated kits and aggregates 3rd kits for several teams - Real players for unlicensed teams
Superliga Argentina: updated and improved kits for all teams.
More than 650 updated and improved mini-dams (Bundesliga, Superliga Argentina, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, etc.)
Improved the faces of several players (Zlatan, Ronaldo, Ederson Moraes, Paulinho Becerra etc). '
Added Chinese Super League (replaces J-League), teams and templates will come in v3.
Added the section "Other AFC & Concac af": Aggregates Atlanta United, Chicago Fire and LA Galaxy with kits and real templates.
Added Tattoos for more than 340 players.
Startscreen options among various designs. 

Optional Mod 

- Pack of Comments of Niembro and Closs (Only for BLUS) (NO PRONUNCIAN CALLNAMES NOR TEAM NAMES)
- Activators
- 35 StartScrens
- 6 Soundtracks
- Tattoos (Can give freeze failures)



PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch v5.0 AIO [CFW/OFW] Season 2017/2018

Homepage :

Credits : CISSOKHO, DR77, MAESTRO POLTERGEIST, CHELERO900, PESLogos, Geo_Craig90, 4ngel Torrero, MRI_20, MTGames_1991. And many more !


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