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PES 2019 Face/Hair Modifier Tools 1.80b ( eFootball PES2020 Support )

PES 2019 Face/Hair Modifier Tools by MJTS-140914


-Import/Export face_high.fmdl
-Import/Export hair_high.fmdl
-Import/Export oral.fmdl
-Pack .FPK in Blender

Download | Password : Evo-Web

PES19 Face/Hair Modifier Tools 1.80b

eFootball PES2020 Support

PES19 Face/Hair Modifier Tools 1.71b

-Fix small bugs

PES19 Face/Hair Modifier Tools 1.70b

-Fix shading in neck
-FMDL String move to Face_1 & Hair_1 Don't join Face_1 & Hair_1 because it will make FMDL String error.
-Import with Vertex Group or not by Checklist Create Vertex Group before import
if you dont know how to use vertex group I suggest not import with vertex group
if you want to add hair for example to hair_1 make sure new object FMDL String is empty & the vertex group is active before import.

Note :

After editing faces you can pack .fpk in blender by clicking 'Create .FPK File'.

If editing is done you can remove .XML & Folder by clicking 'Clear Unused File'.

Do not click 'Clear Unused File' if your faces project is not done.

Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpbojL8TZhs

Credits: @sxsxsx, @zlac, @Hawke, @davidejones, @Atvaark, @shawminator, etc.


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