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PES 2019 PTE Patch 2019 Unofficial 6.1 Update Season 2019/2020

PES 2019 PTE Patch 2019 Unofficial Update Season 2019/2020

Update patch PTE 2019 by Del Choc. Sudah termasuk update transfer musim 2019/2020.

Required to be Installed :

Features : 

2019 Summer Transfers (Until 16 August) – Formations edited too (for most clubs).
New faces added for some players + Optional Facepacks (links below)
Season 2019/2020 New Kits added (Kits A for Konami clubs and Kits B for PTE Edited clubs)
New Stats for some players (like PES 2019 or PES 2020 or FIFA 19).
Updated/new Managers and correct clubs linked to Stadiums Pack by MJTS.
New MiniFace Pack Vol 4 to fix fake faces in Formations.
Added new Soundtrack for PES 2019 (some song of PES 2020 and others..).
New Graphic Menu of PES 2020 (Scoreboard, Menus, Replay..)
Imported New Gameplay of PES 2020 for PES 2019 (Optional).
New Logos and Badge for Serie a for new season 2019/2020.


Installation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi9zt6lR3Fw


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