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PES 2020 ML Manager Tool by Razor87

PES 2020 ML Manager Tool by Razor87

Simple tool to add ML managers. ​All credit goes to Razor87.


How to Use:​

  1. Click File > Load and select folder which contained Player.bin and SpecialPlayerAssignment.bin files
  2. Select which type of manager you want to add.
  3. Select player you want to add as manager by click "Add as Manager" button.
  4. Click File > Save to save the changes.
  5. Create CPK or put the saved files into LiveCPK folder. (dir: common\etc\pesdb)


  • Please use latest data from latest Liveupdate.
  • No need to unzlib the files. Tool can handle both zlibbed and unzlibbed file.
  • You need to add mini face file by yourself in "common\render\symbol\coachML" folder for the manager you have added.
  • If you add normal player as Manager, he may also appeared as player in ML. If Legend players, normally he will not.
  • Checkbox for Legend Player is just for info.

Thanks to @*aLe and @MFZ69 for their research.


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