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PES 2020 SmokePatch 20 Beta 03

PES 2020 SmokePatch 20

Update patch terbaru by Smoke Patch untuk eFootball PES 2020 versi PC. Update patch by Smoke Patch sudah termasuk full licensed berbagai macam liga eFootball PES 2020.

Beta 3

added real kits for all teams, now all the teams have correct names, logo and kits, most of the kits are up to date, teams from lower division mostly with last season kits, more updates will be included when the full patch is ready, kits from the game are left intact to keep the beta size small.

added 16 faces only so far, we performed many tests with importing FACES from sp19, to avoid format conversion error. the face files are too big to include in beta version, the facepack will be included in the full patch.

the BETA 03 is compatible with the new dlc2, be sure you do not remove any dlc cpk files because they are not included yet.

Beta 2

- import new players from latest live update
- updated the transfers from live update (optional)

- add new balls:
Merlin EPL
Puma LaLiga
Adidas Argentum
Derbystar Bundesliga
Delta EFL
UEFA Europa League 19/20
UEFA Super Cup 19/20
Merlin Copa America
Merlin Copa Libertadores
European Qualifiers Glider
CBF Cancer Awareness
Ordem BHM
UEFA Champions League 17/18
UEFA Champions League 19/20
Confed Cup Krasava
Adidas Teslar WC
Adidas Pro

- kits, so far:
Chelsea (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Liverpool (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Barcelona (third)
Real Madrid (gk, home, away, third, fourth) 19/20
Valencia (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
PSG (third)
Atletico Madrid (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Manchester City (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Tottenham Hotspur (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Ajax (third)
Roma (third)
Bayer Leverkusen (third)
Galatasaray (third)
Fenerbahce (third)
West Ham United (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Newcastle United (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Everton (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Deportivo La Coruña (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Real Betis (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Celta de Vigo (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Real Sociedad (gk, home, away, third) 19/20
Leicester City (gk, home, away, third) 19/20

- converted and added boots from SP19 (100 boots)
- converted and added gloves from SP19 (30 gloves)
- added two face as a test (todibo, puig)


Cara Install :

1. Ekstrak dengan WinRAR

2. Jalankan installer kelokasi game PES 2020.

3. Copas EDIT00000000 ke folder save

Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\save\

4. Selesai

Homepage : https://www.pessmokepatch.com/


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