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PES 2011 Mix Classic Patch by TT77

PES 2013 Winning Eleven Classic Patch 2013

PES 2011 Mix Classic Patch by TT77

Klasik Patch untuk PES 2011 PC by TT77.

Features : 

Classic AC Milan, Classic ACF Fiorentina, Classic AFC Ajax,
Classic Arsenal FC, Classic Borussia Dortmund,
Classic Chelsea FC,
Classic FC Internazionale Milano, Classic FC Barcelona,
Classic FC Bayern Munich, Classic Juventus FC,
Classic Liverpool FC, Classic Manchester United FC,
Classic Olympique de Marseile, Classic Real Madrid CF,
Classic SL Benfica, Classic Tottenham Hotspur FC,
Classic Valencia CF, FIFA All-Time Team and PES Team 99


Instructions :

Install the game and all the Konami Patch (Patch 1.01,1.02,1.03 and DLC 7.00 put it here: C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download. Or delete the KONAMI folder from C: \ ProgramData \ KONAMI and paste the new KONAMI folder from PES 2011 DLC 7.00) and then deleted all from the installation folder except IMG folder, then copy everything from PES Mix Classic Patch 2011 with the exception of Konami folder (which put in Documents, must first to deleted the original Konami folder) and place it in the installation folder. Start the game from Gameplay tool - run.exe because only from there work with Gameplay tool - config.exe

Previews ( from PES 2011 ) :

YouTube Channel :


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