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PES 2009 Kitserver 8.1.2 by juce & Robbie

PES 2009 Kitserver by juce & Robbie

PES 2009 Kitserver by juce & Robbie

Kitserver 8 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 DEMO). It is a loader and manager for various modules.

Below is a quick summary of the available features. Follow the link in the left column to get more details about a particular module.

-Kserv 8.1.2 kserv.dll Organize your kits into GDB, and assign each team its own kits.
-AFS2FS 8.1.2 afs2fs.dll Manage AFS (.img) game content using files and folders: much easier and quicker to install/remove patches, without the need modify *.img files
-LOD Mixer 8.1.1 lodmixer.dll Select any quality settings (Low,Medium,High); various tweaks to graphics and game options: Any window resolution supported, hidden fullscreen resolutions unlocked; Manual/Automatic aspect ratio correction. LOD adjustment is available too.
-Camera module 8.1.1 camera.dll Increase the camera viewing angle for Normal and Wide cameras, and enjoy new playing experience.
-Time module 8.1.1 time.dll Change match time for Exhibition and Cup/League/ML/CL games.



- fixed crashes and other problems that were happening if
  the game was upgraded to 1.20 and update package downloaded.
- fixed ball names bug in v8.1.1

Homepage / Manual Instruction :


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