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PES 2009 [N-G] J-LEAGUE Patch 2009 v.1 by Kira

PES 2009 [N-G] J-LEAGUE patch 2009 by Kira

PES 2009 [N-G] J-LEAGUE patch 2009 by Kira

PES 2009 Patch dengan JLeague.

Features : 

-J.League Division 1 replace Eredivisie for League mode.
-Emperor Cup replace Eredivisie Cup during league mode.
-All 18 Japanese fist division 2009 teams replace Eredivisie teams in J.League and playable with all mode.
-3 Japanese second division teams 2009 “Tokyo Verdy 1969, Consadole Sapporo et Cerezo Osaka” added in Other teams and playable too in all mode, you can use with Legend mode where League accept 20 teams.
-2 South Korea teams from K-League FC Seoul & Suwon Samsung Bluewings replace PES United & WE United added in Other teams and playable too in all mode. Seoul is not completed yet.
-2 JOMO Allstar 2008 teams Allstar J-League & Allstar K-League added in Other teams and playable too in all mode .
-Full 18 Bundelisga 2008/2009 replace Other B for Bundesliga League. Available too in Other teams and playable in all mode
-4 Eredivisie teams,Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord Rotterdam & SC Heerenveen replace Hammarby IF, HJK Helsinki, Brøndby & FK Crvena Zvezda in Other Teams.
-16 new Nationale Teams,North Korea,Moroco,Honduras….
-Old Japanese stars & players no more in J.League 2009 placed in free Players (Kazu,Nanami,…)
-2 free slots in Other Teams available for your own selection (ex: Bresilians clubs or Acl). Caution,look they aren’t in Cup Mode or CL if you don’t want use it.

-All players names in lowcase.
-Real Leagues,Cup & Teams names.
-All Leagues Logos & Clubs Emblems,all background for all Leagues and Cups in League or Cup mode (J.League inside too).
-All kits.
-Special CL kits for Celtic and Inter Milan (back of jersey no more like league version).
-J.League Adboards. Used only in League mode by the game.
-J-league Chantpack for all teams (18+3).
-J.League openings replace Konami intro.
-J.League menu for all modes.
-This patch can be used on the English version of the game !

- Warning, you absolutely need the 1.20 version of the game, which can be obtained with the official Konami patch, to use the NG J.League Patch. This patch will not work correctly on the 1.0, 1.10 or 1.30 version of the game. You also need the kitserver program by Juce, 8.1.2 version at least.

Installation : 

-Take care that the kitserver program is installed in the main folder of the game (“kitserver” folder in the main folder of the game).

-Just extract the RAR file from the main folder of the game.

-Move the PES2009_EDIT01.bin, PES2009_FACE001.bin et PES2009_FACE002.bin files to the “save” folder of the game (replace the existing ones if they already exist, after making a back-up in the first place).

-And done !

Preview :

Crédits :

-Base de données des équipes japonaises : Oldguy, Kyra et Tichmall.
-Uniformes des équipes japonaises, Sud-Coréennes, de la Thailande, du Celtic CL et de l’Inter CL, logos, emblèmes et menus : Tichmall.
-Trailer officiel et vidéos d’introduction du jeu : Boubata et S.Nakamura10.
-Base de données des équipes allemandes : ASD91 (Total Realism Option File).
-Uniformes des équipes non licenciées à l’origine : kitmakers sur PES next-gen Editing Blog.
-Fichiers bin des 16 Sélections Nationales cachées rendues jouables : PES next-gen Editing Blog.
-Editeurs utilisés pour le patch : w!Ld@ (PES 2009 Editor) et goldorakiller (Pro-Evo Editing Studio 2009)


KYRA (general patching,stats…)
TICHMALL (design,kitmaker,menus…)
OLDGUY (stats,global Japanese team managment,trade…)
S.NAKAMURA10/BOUBATA (videomaker)
all help is welcom



-Konami 1.20
-Kitserver v8.1.2 (Juce & Robbie)
-PES 2009 Logos Pack (Tichmall)
-Improved Editor Scan Faces (Lobo22)
-PES 2009 Kit-Patch – GDB folder by PES next-gen Editing Blog
-PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009 by GOLDORAKILLER (Pro Evo Team)
-Teamgei2t Magnus Moenia by arctic-monkey
-Banners Relink by EPT TEAM
-Extra Teams Patch by PES next-gen Editing Blog
-Adboards J-league (Tichmall)
-Scoreboard ESPN (???)
-Many others makers…


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