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PES 2018 DrDoooMuk Mod v8


PES 2018 Generic Stadium Advert Replacer by DrDoooMuk

Mod ini berguna untuk mengubah seluruh iklan dari Stadium bawaaan KONAMI seperti yang asli. Selain mengubah iklan yang ada distadium. DrDoooMuk juga sudah menambahkan berbagai macam detail atmosfir stadium lainnya seperti dibawah ini.

Fitur PES 2018 Generic Stadium Advert Replacer by DrDoooMuk

Metropole arena has Huawei/China Mobile sponsors
Neu Sonne Arena : It's meant to be a German stadium, so now has some subtle ALDI branding
Ball Boys : now wearing Nike Tops and shoes
TV Cameramen : Now wearing BT Sports branded gear
2 Stock Photographers - now have Nikon and Olympus bibs for variety
La Liga Photographer now has official bib
Both substitute benches are now VARIED and aren't carbon copies of each other, Now have varied gear, nike caps, puma jackets, Adidas jackets etc
Add real branded hi vis security jackets to some stewards
Add real police badges to a few different nationalities policemen
Add umbro jackets to groundkeepers
Enhanced some of the medics.
Retextured all Parkas and Jackets worn by the staff on the side of the pitch : Supadry, Nike, Lacoste, Adidas, Puma etc hoodies, parkas etc.
Removed "Myclub" and "PESLeague" fake 3d grass on-field adverts by side of goals (I hate these things!)
Removed fake branding from another Stadium
Added some stop gap adboards to the Brazilian stadiums to replace the Myclub/pesleague ones.
Licensed Konami stadium ( I will remove the hideous Konami default LED filter at some point )
Cleaned up some stuff at a few other stadiums
Neu Sonne Arena - Colour corrected the Stadium boards, Add eon, Aldi & Siemens branding to the ground
Updated Camp Nou tier
lucozade cooler box
evian cooler box
smartphone is now Sony Xperia
Laptops show evo-web
all reporters with casual wear now wearing real brand tops/t-shirts
BT sport stenciled equipment boxes
Both types of Medical carts textures updated
add some sponsors to a few sub bench chairs
add Bein sport camera operators to high cams
Changed BT Sport TV bib sash to different colour from photographers
Ball boy/stock security guard has Nike cap
Add Hublot branding to stock substitution board
And many more !


Cara Install PES 2018 Generic Stadium Advert Replacer v1 by DrDoooMuk :

1. Ekstrak file dengan WinRAR, masukkan file CPK kelokasi download PES 2018

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2018\Downloads\

2. Generate dengan PES 2018 DpFileList Generator by Baris.

3. Done !

Changelog v8 :

Add TIM/Suning/Fly Emirates 3d grass ads to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


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