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eFootball PES 2020 PS4/PC Bundesliga Patch Season 2019/2020 by CYPES

eFootball PES 2020 PS4/PC Bundesliga Patch by CYPES

eFootball PES 2020 PS4/PC Bundesliga Patch by CYPES

Option File Bundesliga by CYPES untuk eFootball PES 2020. Bisa digunakan untuk versi PC dan juga PS4. Terbagi menjadi 4 buah versi Bundesliga OF yang berbeda, khusus versi PC gunakan versi D.

Features :

- BUNDESLIGA created 100%!
- 100% of players and teams created, with transfer of players already present in the game. For a total of more than 500 players!
- 100% up-to-date transfers
- Real names of teams, logos, jerseys, name of coaches, name + attribution of stadiums, rival clubs, streamers
- All players have complete statistics manually created from Football Manager, FIFA and PES data.
-All players not modeled in the game benefit from modeling via the internal face editor of the game!
-Attributes of crampons, gloves, and many details ranging from the movement of players to celebrations, as well as the name given to commentators for many players created!
-Game plans & numbers assigned for all teams
-The teams will all be considered by play as teams of German nationality.
-All players are created on the basis of fictitious players, in order to have as few as possible free players and to optimize the available space to create other players.
-In Masters League mode, Dortmund and Bayern meet in German Supercup as in reality.

Attention :

In PES, there are 2 types of importable jerseys:

1. 2048 × 2048 pixels L-jerseys have the highest quality
2. 1024 × 1024 pixels S-jerseys that are of poorer quality but can to be imported in a much larger number than L jerseys.

Live Updates : 

- We remind you that you must install the latest Konami live update before installing this patch.

- Do not forget to check the box No. 1 "Apply player / staff data" before importing the 15 files.

- After having installed the 15 teams, it is necessary to move some in the league "Bundesliga". Here's how to do it:

1. Go to edit mode> Competition format> Number of teams, and put "18" for the Bundesliga.
2. Go back and go to Europe. Navigate with L1 / R1 between each league and move the German teams that are in "Other Teams (Europe)" in the Bundesliga. (Click and replace the fictional team)

For a more realistic calendar in the game modes, here below is the recommended order for Bundesliga teams.

eFootball PES 2020 PS4/PC Bundesliga Patch Season 2019/2020 by CYPES

- This patch does not contain the content of CYPES 1.0. To have all the content, please install CYPES 1.0 and the Bundesliga patch.

- PC players, take the D version of the patch.

4 Different Version :

➡️ L shirts for the following teams: Dortmund - Leipzig - Monchengladbach - Wolfsburg. The rest of the teams in S (The most adapted version to have a good compromise)

➡️ S jerseys only for all teams (The most adapted version if you want to import the + of possible jerseys and / or photos for stadiums, coaches etc.)

➡️ Jerseys L for the following teams: Dortmund - Leipzig - Monchengladbach - Wolfsburg but with the guard jerseys in S + the rest in S-teams (A lighter version than the A version)

➡️ Jerseys L for the 15 created teams of the Bundesliga (The most adapted version if you want jerseys of the best possible quality for the big European leagues, nevertheless it will not be possible to patch all the teams of the game outside the Europe.


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