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PES 2020 ML Money Editor v1.2 by extream87

PES 2020 ML Money Editor by extream87

Tools untuk mengedit budget di Master League PES 2020 PC.

*Backup file original ML00000000 sebelum menggunakan tool ini.


1. Buka tool

2. Cari file ML000000000 di folder Document\KONAMI\numbers\save\

3. Ubah nilai mata uang, klik apply dan save.

4. Done !


Release Notes:

Since the Salary Budget is Available Salary+Players Salary (Year/Month)
In order to see the real Salary Budget you will get you need to go to:
Master League => Manager’s Office => Finance => Club Account Balance => and check the value of “Player Salaries”
In my case my players salary are 40261400€
In my tool i've inserted 50000000€
So 50000000€ - 40261400€ = 9738600€
In game i will have available 9738600€


Check the tool compatibility in "About" menu. (To enter in "About" menu just click in PES 2020 logo on top of the tool.)
Press F1 to check how many times you've modded ML money.
Press F10 to reset settings.


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