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PES 2020 ChantsBase Update V3 by Predator002

PES 2020 ChantsBase Update by Predator002

PES 2020 ChantsBase Update by Predator002

Update chants/yel-yel berbagai macam klub untuk PES 2020. ChantBase by Predator ini digunakan untuk membuat atmosfer stadium terasa lebih hidup di eFootball PES 2020 PC. ChantBase hanya compatible dengan PES 2020.

Compatible dengan : PES 2020 Chantpack by Predator002

Usage Notes:

- Compatible to PES2020 only. This pack can no longer be used with older PES.
- All audio files are intended to have their volume set below the commentary.
- Volume control in-game affects volume of the pack.


- 92 teams with base crowd audio for their home stadium.
- 27 generic base crowd audio used by other teams.

What Happens When Installed:

- The pack acts like a bass track to a song.
- Its the lowest background audio before any chants, whistles, cheers take place and will last the full length of the match.
- It works best when used alongside my chant pack as they will complement each other.

Teams Included & Map:

Cara Menggunakan Mod CPK :

1. Ekstrak dengan WinRAR

2. Copas File CPK kelokasi

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download\

3. Buka PES 2020 DpFileList Generator sebagai admin dan klik generate

4. Selesai

Credit : Predator022

Disclaimer: Credit to Predator022

Thanks Over The Years:
Pack Building Assistance - mauri_d & sxsxsx / Team ID's - Albiore
Chant Assistance - yoman, falcom4ever, Alessio_Luzzi, Ethan2, miguel23pc, Smokey_CL, The_Knight, masterfootball2, beto53, tomiesto, Mosh_Train, avalonmaster, Zarrix, kudret15, thuesan, mauri_d, Derek, godoffootball, angelitop
Chant Sources - fanchants.co.uk, fifazaitsev1979.net, YouTube, fcultras.com, PES & FIFA


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