Senin, 18 November 2019

PES 2020 PS4 Editor 0.9 by SMcCutcheon

PES 2020 PS4 Editor BETA by SMcCutcheon

PES 2020 PS4 Editor by SMcCutcheon

Editor dan format Microsoft Excel yang berfungsi untuk mengedit file TED PS4, biasa digunakan untuk mengedit option file PES versi PS4. Bisa digunakan untuk PES 2020 PS4.

Edit Team Name & Abbreviation (Unlicensed teams only)
Edit Banners 1 to 4 (15 characters maximum)
Edit Team Colours
Add Emblem Image
Add Kit Images & Change Collars (Supports adding Kit 3 and 4 and taking them away)
Edit Manager Name & Nationality (Unlicensed Managers only)
Add Official Partners Images 1-3



Change List;
- Added more foreign characters, all characters able to be selected in PES should be able to be selected now without error.
- Fixed import complication regarding Playing Styles from PES2019.
- Added an Auto-fill button from @wyffy's fantastic spreadsheet. This will automate the following, based on the Team ID (Default teams only); Team Name, Team Abbreviation, Stadium Settings and Name, Banners, Team Colours and Rival Clubs. This button can be found on the Team Details section. While the spreadsheet has huge amounts of great info, it is not 100% complete so check all areas of the Team Details page before Saving.
- Added Stadium Info button; Shows what stadiums can be safely assigned by Continent.

Cara Pakai :

1. Eksport file TED dari game PES 2020 PS4.
2. Decrypt file TED dengan tool by Panis
3. Buka Editor via MS Excel dan klik Start Editing
4. Masukan file TED yang sudah di decrypt tadi.
5. Edit file TED sesuka hati dan ketika selesai kalian klik Save .TED File
6. Enrypt kembali dengan tool by Panos
7. Selesai dan file TED bisa digunakan di option file PS4 PES 2020


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